About Us

Get to know our team and the families behind Raising Leaders

Christina M. Newberry

When your goal is to prepare young leaders for tomorrow’s world, Christina Newberry is your greatest ally. She is a mother of three and a mentor to many. Her three decades of teaching leadership through martial arts has produced over 800 black belts, many of whom have gone on to become leaders in business, academics, teaching and in other facets of life. She credits her success to the thousands of families that have been vulnerable enough to allow her to hear their hearts desire for their children. This first hand experience has given birth to the leaders for life system.

Christina is a 7th Degree Black Belt and a nationally-certified instructor through the American Taekwondo Association. She is also a National Champion in Taekwondo and holds the world record for board breaking. You can watch a video of her breaking her own record here.

Christina owns and manages two Leaders for Life Martial Arts academies—one in Champaign, Illinois, and one in Houston, Texas—where she oversees the training of more than 350 students.

She is the author of, “Raising a Leader for Life”, and can be booked to deliver her message through keynote speeches, presentations, breakout sessions, and in-depth, customized training and coaching.


Olivia Rodriguez

Olivia Rodriguez is passionate about helping children own their gifts and talents and use them to change the world. This passion has fueled her to come alongside Christina in the creation of leadership curriculum, videos, children’s church lessons, and blogs. She is also the co-author of “Raising a Leader for Life.”

Olivia is a 3rd degree blackbelt, a certified ATA instructor and works as a consultant and major contributor to the leaders for life system. She plans to open her own Leaders for Life Martial Arts academy in the near future with her husband, Anthony.

Jeff Newberry

Jeff Newberry is a 7th degree blackbelt, retired Central Illinois police officer, and a speaker who has spent 32 years training young leaders through martial arts and mentorship. He is committed to providing a safe place to everyone he meets, so that each person has the ability to flourish toward their God-given potential.

He is the father of three daughters, has two grand-daughters, and he’s committed to motivating, mentoring, and equipping men and women to be life changing leaders wherever God places them.