Our Book - Raising a Leader for Life

You want to be the best parent you can be. You’re just not always sure how to get there.

Raising a Leader for Life is your map for the journey of parenting. This book will give you the wisdom to lead your child well, align your heart to listen to what is really going on inside their head, and empower you to love them well through all the ups and downs of parenting

.Your child is a leader in the making and you have incredible influence on their leadership development. This book will guide you to leverage your influence to lead your child well, making an impact for generations to come.

I loved this book, it is living reference that I will continue to review and re-work while raising an amazing 8 year old boy- in a challenging world. The author captures the essence of what is needed to truly build your child’s confidence, inspire them and truly be a part of the journey, positive empowerment. I carry it with me, just absolutely excellent. Thank you Mrs.Newberry for this gift. Easy read and loaded with tools to support intentional parenting. Truly strengthens my confidence that I am striving to be the best parent I can be.

Brian S

Verified Amazon Review

Yes! I want to be better at helping my kids develop leadership skills now, find their passion, launch confidently and change the world! And now I think I can do it! Christina Newberry’s book is full of inspiring memorable stories from her own struggles and successes as a child, mom, and martial arts instructor. Each chapter had something I wanted to jot down for future reference; something I wanted to think about; some change I wanted to implement immediately! I will definitely keep this book in my arsenal and review it regularly.

Graham Lee

Verified Amazon Review

Ms. Newberry’s writing voice is disarming. It’s like engaging in a pleasant conversation when all of a sudden you realize you’re being given counsel. This advice is not just based on her own personal experience of raising her daughters but also helping raise thousands of children as a martial arts instructor. There is no stern finger wagging or preaching here. Just simple and time proven methods of “parenting with a purpose”. I bought 5 copies, one for each of my adult children. I only wish I had this guide when I was raising them.

Anthony D. Hubble

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