Coaching & Speaking Appearances

Book us to speak at your school or event

If you’re interested in having Christina Newberry speak for an event, class or workshop please reach out via the “Connect” contact link on this website. 

Please include the date and details of your function, and we’ll personally reach out to discuss our options. 

Thank you!

In-School Presentations

If you’d like to book a member of our team to come to your school, let us know here on the blog or through Facebook. We partner with education staff and teachers regularly to bring fun and engaging lessons about leadership to the classroom, equipping students and encouraging teachers and coaches alike to take leadership development seriously.

Goal Setting

We have conducted goal setting activities and workshops applicable to the whole family. We believe someone has a plan for your life and it should be you. We’re prepared to help parents and their families envision and implement great things.

Communicating and Connecting with Your Children

Connecting with your child right where they are within a safe environment that builds up their potential is something we take seriously. We are committed to not only providing personal development tools for all age levels, but we’ll walk with parents and coaches who simply seek to have a community to lean on and a few more tools to utilize to connect with their child.